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Sad news

Date: 01/23/2021 Time: 12:35 PM Mood: sad
I posted on my facebook that I've lost everything on my USB. So probably no new updates for a while. I'm still really upset that I lost everything. It had years of stuff and I'll never get it back. It had years of rares I've bought. Just wanted to update you guys as to why there will not be any updates for a while.

New layout, finally!

Date: 01/02/2021 Time: 2:26 PM Mood: vibin'
Thanks to my wonderful ass wifey, I have a new winter layout. I am suuuuper late getting it up because I no longer have internet at home. I don't really have any content to add for updates either :( Life is so blehh right now. Also my laptop has the blue screen of death so maybe I can get a friend to look at it and possibly fix it for me. I still have my desktop, thankfully.

Changes coming soon!!

Date: 05/28/2020 Time: 10:05 PM Mood: BORED
Okay so there are some changes happening to pixieskull soon. I want to change to a cutout only site! also have tumblr/ig rares. I'm not sure if I want to sell all my other content or just move it to maybe a subdomain?? I'm not 100% sure. If you are interested in purchasing my other content, message me on facebook. I guess this is it for this blog post xP

New start

Date: 04/22/2020 Time: 1:58 AM Mood: energetic??
Hi everyone. For some unknown reason, I felt like blogging. I'm not sure if anyone ever reads these. I decided to get my friend to order me stuff to build my own PC. Some parts have came in. Still waiting on a few things. I ordered a new layout from one of my best friends in the entire world. I figured it is waaaay overdue. This layout has been up for probably a year??? I wouldn't doubt it honestly. I'm just sitting in my room taking a brief break from playing The Sims 4. I recently moved in with my friends. Since this whole Covid-19 business closed down schools, they needed someone to babysit their seven year old. Also it was getting too toxic where I was living. I am so much happier living here! I do miss my grandma and my dog, Cocoa. But I go by the house when I need to grab some things because I haven't fully moved in yet. But I am getting there. Sorry this is all over the place. I'll end this here lol. Thanks for reading. Hope you have a good morning/day/night whatever time it is where you are in the world. Much love, Megz from Pixieskull ♥

well i had to start over

Date: 01/27/2019 Time: 9:27 PM Mood: annoyed
In case you guys didn't know, my host's site was expiring and she only gave me like 3 day or so warning and I wasn't 100% sure how to do a backup. My internet is the slowest they sell so I couldn't really do one or it would take years, as I have a lot of stuff. So I asked my bestest friend to do a backup for me. We both assumed it would download or something. Don't really know, whatever. But I didn't have a backup to upload to my new cpanel. So I have to do the coding FROM SCRATCH. I am not particularly happy about it, but I still have all the content I made. So I will try my hardest to get everything back up ASAP ♥