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everything was made by megz@pixieskull unless stated otherwise
do not jock/steal/redistribute any content and claim as your own
please comment the c-box if you save/use anything
and let me know what you save/use so i know what to make more of
**You can not copy and paste the picture into photoshop. It has to be saved onto your computer. Otherwise, it will not work.**

This tutorial will show you how to make a picture show only certain colors like this:

First thing you need to do is find a picture. Here is the one I am using:

Second thing you need to do, is make the picture black and white. I make a new layer and fill with black and set it to hue then flatten the image.

Now you select the history brush tool.

Then you go over the parts you want to be colored.
comment the c-box if this was helpful!