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"10/10 Amazing preppy signs each time I've received. Megz showed me previews to see if anything needs changing. Megz is talented. Keep up the good work ♥" -Pim

"Megz cutouts are getting so much better and going to buy from her again very soon! :) thank you love!" -Ree

"I actually was kind of nervous since first time ordering from her, but I Was impressed with how fast she got them done, and, how high quality all my requests were. Definitely, will consider buying from her again ♥" -Brandi

"She's great with cutouts!!! Ordered a bunch from her and didn't need to wait forever to receive them. She kept me updated with the order and showed me previews before I paid. Definitely gonna be ordering from her often." -Melinda

"I've ordered a bunch of cutouts from Megz and have never been disappointed. She keeps you posted on your order, and sends previews of each cutout. She gets them done in a timely matter. Definitely going to be ordering more!" -Kaitlyn

"This was my first time ever ordering from Megz, and I know I will order from her in the future. There was orders ahead of me but got it done quick! I loved how she would give me previews of all my cutouts as she was getting to them. 10/10!!!" -Laura

"I won some cutouts and I am totally happy with how they turned out! I am definitely willing to buy a few cutouts really soon! ♥" -Nicole

"This was one of my first cutout orders from Megz and I'm blown away. The pictures and work are absolutely breathtaking. I am in awe of her fine cuts. The smoothness and careful dedication to the fineness of her work is impressive. You should definitely order from her. You're missing out if you don't." -Sky

"Ordered twice and her cutouts are amazing! I love that she kept me updated whenever she finished a cutout and how quick she got them done! Will definitely continue to order from her. ♥" -Bear